All We Wanna Have Is Fun

Hi! I obviously run a One Direction blog. Niall Horan is me; I am Niall Horan and you cannot convince me otherwise. I love them so much because they are perfect little shits. Oh and don't be afraid to ask me stuff either! So let the fangirling begin :)


how to spot one direction fans: play a one direction song in public and find the people either smiling or panicking

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Zayn always disappears and comes back hotter than ever like what’s your secret


whenever i hit the clubs bouncers be like “I.D. please”


no problem


the little irish shit and his shenanigans at their finest x

someone was having a really good time x

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If by some wild chance I end up with a band member, I am trusting you guys to not let the twitter fans find me and my blog they scare me.

Unseen pic of Niall and Theo

Unseen pic of Niall and Theo

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@TheoHOfficial_: Me chillin we Harry x

@TheoHOfficial_: Me chillin we Harry x

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