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Hi! I obviously run a One Direction blog. Niall Horan is me; I am Niall Horan and you cannot convince me otherwise. I love them so much because they are perfect little shits. Oh and don't be afraid to ask me stuff either! So let the fangirling begin :)



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Rose Bowl, 12/09

Happy birthday @niallhoran I hear you are huge fan, so I got you a little gift. Happy 21st mate.

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  • me: fall is my favorite time of year
  • person: oh yeah because the leaves, hoodies, bonfires
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: one direction albums leak in the fall



today i was reminded of two things

  1. i really, really love one direction
  2. i really, really need a life

i made this post for lwwy and it’s still relevant tbh

  • 5sos fans: one direction are dying out
  • one direction: *releases one song and the album gets to #1 within minutes*
  • one direction: stay woke


one direction: our new album is called four

me: *gets out wallet*

one direction: the single is free on our website

me: *is confused*