All We Wanna Have Is Fun

Hi! I obviously run a One Direction blog. Niall Horan is me; I am Niall Horan and you cannot convince me otherwise. I love them so much because they are perfect little shits. Oh and don't be afraid to ask me stuff either! So let the fangirling begin :)


Niall in BBC music video (x)


ahhh yes i am a big fan of classical music! *plays wmyb*

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*gets call at 3 in the morning from unknown number*

one direction: did ya buy steal my girl yet


people ask me if i like one direction and it’s like…. like…. it’s not about that. it’s not about that anymore. this is just my life now 


ur walking home late at night and suddenly u hear footsteps behind u and u try to walk faster but they speed up too when u turn around u see one direction chasing u down the alleyway asking if u have steal my girl yet